Introducing the B.A.T.

The B.A.T. Belt Alignment Tool™ System is the latest innovation in laser belt alignment systems, utilizing our patented GlowLine™ green laser technology, and it is available in multiple configurations for every application.

SDT Introductory Pricing Ending December 31st
SDT 270

Sporting many firsts, the SDT270 is a portable ultrasound instrument for Reliability and PdM professionals. An onboard SQL database captures and manages survey data in the field and synchronizes with PC data providing in-the-field alarms and analysis.

SDT Introductory Pricing Ending December 31st

Motor circuit analyzer for predictive maintenance and troubleshooting winding and rotor faults in motors and transformers of all sizes and types: Single and 3-phase, AC and DC, even traction motors and machine tool servos.

SDT Introductory Pricing Ending December 31st

The vb8 analyzer is a uniquely sophisticated and feature-packed instrument with 4-channel simultaneous recordings, 4-channel, 2-plane balancer, Triax. Enabled 12,800 line FFT resolution, 40 kHz Fmax. Perfect for every level of vibration analyst, from novice through to expert.

SDT Introductory Pricing Ending December 31st
CTC Accelerometers

Reliability Concepts offers a full range of accelerometers, sensors, and cables for the vibration analysis industry worldwide. Unconditional lifetime warranty.

SDT Introductory Pricing Ending December 31st

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We are distributors for world leading companies, including SDT Ultra Sound Technology, Commtest Vibration Analyzers, Extech Instruments, Flir Cameras, CTC Vibration Analysis Hardware, Easy-Laser Alignment Tools, and Mobius Software.

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Predictive Maintenance allows plants and facilities to accurately predict when service and repairs are due. Reliability Concepts is a top provider in Predictive Maintenance in the Tri-State area.