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Commtest produces vibration analysis and monitoring instruments that allow early detection to prevent expensive failures from occurring. The vbSeries is a series of portable vibration data collectors, vibration analyzers, and balancers that offers leading edge reliability, accuracy and usability. vbOnline is powered by intuitive System 1 software and permanently installed to remotely monitor the health of the critical 24/7, automatically alerting you to potential problems. System 1 software is full of advanced features, it is an invaluable tool for implementing a vibration analysis program.

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Ranger Pro Wireless Sensor

The wireless sensor Ranger  Pro allows you to measure vibration velocity, vibration acceleration and temperature. The sensor is intended for operators of installations in the field of power generation, oil and gas industry and in similar industries.

The Ranger  Pro sensor from Bently Nevada allows:

  • Monitor the reliability of low and medium criticality aggregates.
  • Create or expand existing reliability programs.
  • Make maintenance decisions based on current data.
  • Optimize the reliability of low and medium citicality aggregates.
  • Reduce maintenance costs.
  • Reduce the number of sudden equipment failures.
  • Extend the service life of equipment.

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Bently Nevada vbOnline Pro

vbOnline Pro

The vbOnline Pro enables strategic, data-driven maintenance planning and decision making to optimize asset reliability. It is a flexible and scalable system fully supported by the next evolution of GE’s System 1* condition monitoring and diagnostics software. The system assists in the early detection of machinery and process problems and provides users with a cost-effective, easy to install condition monitoring system.

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